1- Abstract

The summary to be sent, have to include the problem, reason and the method of the work should be composed of 150-200 words.  You should not write references in the  abstracts and must be upload the system. It is not advised to send via e-mail. If there is a problem you can send mail to dekussempozyum@gmail.com

 2- Full Text

Appropriate notifications will be publish as an article at announced journals or will be publish in the full text e- book. For an article, the rules of the related journal’s will be valid. For full text, the rules are in below.



Chosen proceedings or notifications that can not get acceptance from any journal will publish at www.derskitaplari.org., so these writing rules will be valid:


Full Text Writing Rules

  • At the notifications that will arrange theoretically titleing (Except Turkish and english abstract, keywords) belongs to writer’s  initiative.
  • The notifications that will arrange as a survey must include problem, aim, method (survey method, universe and sample, measurement instrument, statistical techniques…) findings, result, suggestion and key words with titles.
  • The page must be organized 3 cm space from left to right, top to bottom.
  • Notification’s title: 14 points, all letters are capital, bold and centered.
  • Writer/writers name: 12 points, centered,
  • Writer/writer’s Institution: 12 points, centered
  • Main titles: 12 points, centered, all letters are capital and bold.
  • Titles: 12 points align left; first letters are capital and bold.
  • Text: 12 points, justified, 1.5 row ranges.
  • Graphic, table and photographs’ captions: 12 points, bold.
  • Table and figures’ captions: first letters are capital
  • There must be a row span between chapters of text.
  • Quotations that appear in the text or in the notes must determinate as writers’ name and surnames’ and press year.
  • Bibliography must be end of the text and writers’ name must be in alphabetical order. APA (Style manual 5th ed.) must be use while writing bibliography.