Levels and Categories

Pre-school Textbooks

Primary School Textbooks

Secondary School Textbooks

High School Textbooks

University Preparatory Course Books

University Textbooks

KPSS Textbooks


Working Dimensions

All kinds of scientific studies on textbooks Textbooks will be examined from the perspective of Examination of textbooks literature Studies on historical development process of textbooks Studies on other country textbooks


  • Program
  • Student level
  • Textuality
  • Visuality status
  • Measurement-Evaluation
  • Special Conceptual
  • Thematic Examinations, etc.
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Publisher, etc.
Meta-analyzes on researches that examine current specific subject area textbooks, etc.
  • In ancient civilizations,
  • In the Middle Ages
  • In Modern Times
  • (Ottoman and Republican)


In other country textbooks, the educational-instructional dimension or various conceptual